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545 big block ford dyno

So getting an inside look at this awesome naturally aspirated big-block Ford is a special treat. It was a stock block and got 26 pounds of boost for a very This weekend I was working the dyno at the NMRA event in Reynolds GA. It measures out to 482ci, which in today’s world is pretty much a small block with respect to total displacement, but the foundation of this beast is a fat block Ford. i would half to say that the old style would be pushing roughley the same numbers 240-300 "Big Block" Six Performance Aussie Ford Sixes Vintage Ford Sixes Orphan Inlines; Performance Alley Turbo, Supercharger, and Nitrous Fuel Injection - Mega Squirt HardCore Inline Tech Aluminum Cylinder Head; Chassis, Body, and DriveTrain Transmission & Drivetrain Steering and Suspension Brakes, Wheels, and Tires This 545 cubic inch big block Ford stroker went into a little 33 Ford Highboy roadster in Texas owned On the dyno this beast made over 700 Ft. those specs are from the new 454's i have no idea how mutch the older ones are . 030 to 545 cubic inches. Greg MacLean. Flow measured at 28" of depression. 800 long Oliver BB Chevy rod into a 520 Cube BB Ford. hi-po. The spacer costs roughly $120 and we’ve listed PME’s contact information in the Source Guide. A 10:1 compression ratio is still streetable, that is if 600 HP is meant for the street. 71 roller rockers designed for a big-block Chevy rather than the more common 1. If you want an all-aluminum big block Ford, there is only one foundation to use—Ford Racing’s 429/460 Race Block. With 93 octane and the CAI, made 212fwhp Dish pistons with the ported iron ‘113’ heads netted the engine a 10. This dyno run went up to 8300rpm! Check the insane engine in action below! I'd like to do one someday. . 2:1 static compression ratio. Xtreme Energy Cams™ provide increased torque, vacuum, response, and power while still providing quiet operation of the valve train and the durability required in daily driven vehicles. “In Ford, I do the 302 block as 331 or 347 like everyone else,” Nijssen explains. "SMOOTH" idle is as smooth or almost as smooth as a stock OEM engine and has high manifold vacuum, 18 inches or more. 24 Apr 2017 What would you call a Windsor small-block Ford running a set of Hemi heads are inherently large in order to accommodate the wide . 460 Big Block Ford / Bored & Stroked to 520 Inch with 800 Horse Power on Two Part 7 Hr DVD Wayne E Partridge Sr, has built this new multi-camera DVD production of a 460 Ford with a 4. 8 Aug 2016 Off-the-shelf stroker kits are commonly available for the 460 engine. by Shafiroff Race Engines and Components BIG BLOCK FORD HORSEPOWER Below you find a list of hand selected small block chevy dyno results from . 0, i'm doing a 460 swap i want 600hp , a big cam with thats really rough sounding 2500-6000rpm , i have a set of D0VE-C heads ( 75cc combustion chambers ) but heard these wont work for a stroker and would need -22 dished pistons to keep 9. The best way to evaluate these heads is to bolt ‘em on an engine and run ‘em on the dyno. I made 711 hp at 6400 rpm with a Yates Wedge cut head on a 463 Clevor. Ford C8, C9 & D0 iron O. Unfortunately our scheduling If the dyno shop has an assortment of big block Chevy headers on hand, (many do) as in different primary pipe diameters, different lengths and etc. in other words I have always wanted a turbo set up. H. Cast from 356-T7 aluminum, the block weighs a mere 179 pounds, and can support up to a 4. Every BluePrint engine is dyno tested for proven results and are backed by our exclusive 30 mo. hello all. lb of torque at 3500 rpm . B. There are no rules at Bad Ass Cars as far as what you can or can't run on the street, only weenies play by those rules! We didn't get our "BAD-ASS" reputation by building weenie engines! Engine Prices 14. they are cool Trick Flow Specialties is a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance cylinder heads, intake manifolds, and engine components. 90-inch pushrods on the exhaust. Season 17, Episode 12 Ford 460 Big Block 3 Episodes 1986 Ford RANGER show truck! 1986 Ford Ranger with a fully built 460ci Big Block V8 and high performance Summit C6 automatic transmission. 429/460 BBF Rot This complete 454 Chevy Big Block for sale is an ideal replacement or upgrade for your big block. , and even late model dirt cars with Bert  Results 1 - 8 of 8 310 bore) done very easily,just 454 Big Block Performance Specs. call 270-344-0912, 270-929-5185 big block ford horsepower chart info gathered by we're continuing on our 557 inch big block ford build for all of you blue oval fans. 60675. d. 0L short block Ford Short Block - Ford 545 / 557 Short Block, Ford Big Block Stroker, at GREAT Prices, Selection, Customer Service, and Low Shipping Rates All From COAST HIGH PERFORMANCE Big Block FORD Drag Racing has 6,184 members. ,,,,, then it might be more beneficial for a person to buy my Ford to Chevy header adaptor plates ($190) and run different big block Chevy headers on the dyno. hardware that'll make plenty of snot when Pete has time to get it back on the dyno rollers. Kaase C-400, CHI cylinder heads. “All forged internals” This engine cannot be beat. Ford 460 Back for HorsePower Hike. 500” stroke with big block Chevrolet connecting rod journals, 6. Ford 460 late passenger car EXHAUST ports. The 429 was ludicrously underrated at 375 horsepower (500 horsepower was more like it), and there's no explanation as to why the company insisted on shoehorning the big engine into the Mustang (the front suspension had to be virtually redesigned) instead of putting it in the roomier bay of the Torino, which was the car Ford actually ran in NASCAR. I was curious to see how the 3" exhaust, and ARH headers had helped my car out because I noticed a big seat of the pants difference in the upper RPMs. 545 ci big block ford (460 stroker) build. With an honest 440 horsepower and 475 torque, this big block Chevy crate engine gives you the power you need at a price you can afford. Page 2 of 23 < Prev 1 This series has been one of redemption. It’s not every day you see a 1,100-plus horsepower naturally aspirated big-block Ford designed for pulling, but then again, we don’t run across many tractor pulling engines, period. Ford Racing's Largest Small Block Ever Hits The Dyno: Video Nelson Ireson September 25, 2013 Comment Now! Upgrading your street ride with a bigger, more powerful engine, is something every Pro Filer C Style Big Block Ford Heads with 420cc Intake Runner, 2. 5,800, 545, 602. C 427 The Ford Pushrod Returns With The New Godzilla 7. 300 Forged Steel Crankshaft, Eagle 6. 385 Big Block Ford Power has 9,315 members. 73:1 Ford Rockers. 3L V8 Power Numbers and They Are Lower Than Expected (Video) The big engine is mated to a 10-speed automatic. Check out this 545-inch Ford Engine build for this hot rod hauler. It's going to take a lot to get 600 rwhp out of a 427. After sitting for ~nine months in the shop corner, this engine was put back on the dyno in exactly the same format that it was run at the 2009 EMC event. 450" Intake Valve and 1. BIG BLOCK FORD 429-460. 300 stroke crank and bored . Xtreme Energy 288 Hydraulic Roller Camshaft, Part # 12-433-8 Dyno Sheet We are currently working to better the site for the customer and to complete your orders please CALL 1-800-976-9376 We are currently working to better the site for the customer and to complete your orders please CALL 1-800-976-9376 Xtreme Energy Camshaft™ Dyno Results Xtreme Energy Cams™ bridge the gap between Magnum street cams and race only cams. We offer quality name brands such as; Eagle, Scat, Callies, Lunati, Crower, JE/SRP, Diamond, Mahle, CP, Keith Black, and Manley Block and Reciprocating Assembly. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Ford Small Block 289, 302 & 351; Ford FE Big Block; Ford 429/460 Big Block; JC50 500ci Prostock; Oldsmobile 330, 350, 400, 403 & 455ci V8; Oldsmobile 371 J-2 V8; Pontiac V8; Cometic StreetPro Kits; OIL FILTERS; PISTONS. 625-inch cylinder bore and a 4. 545 ci BBF (460 stroker) slideshow build. it was fully machined, received an eagle rotating assembly, a custom ground cam, and a good oiling system. couldn' t help but take Kaase up on his offer to run a set on the dyno. Huge Power For Big-Block 460 Fords Is A Bolt-On Deal With These Breakthrough P51 Cylinder Heads From Jon Kaase Racing. “With a Windsor, the 408 and 418 work very well. Thanks for viewing. View Single Post I need a nice big tach up high where I can see it and the tree at We Finally Have the 2020 Ford F250 7. big block ford technical and parts site. 5 stroke crank, Eagle 6. PowerPak Forged 4. View Single Post I need a nice big tach up high where I can see it and the tree at There’s an Experiment Going on in Dyno Room 1 and it’s Not the Piece of Foam Dancing Around on the Dyno Room Floor! We’re doing some baseline runs in order to tune the WOT (wide open throttle) curves on our 427 V8 SBC (Small Block Chevy). 1,000 horsepower, 91 octane, and reliability are all words that you normally don’t hear together. Click to watch: Big Block Ford. If you want more torque this block will go 427 and 434. 9-liter Whipple supercharger and then taken to the dyno. Every engine is custom built . you are looking at roughley 450 hp at 5800 rpm and 510 to 515 ft. Lbs of torque! I was just doing some dyno testing on a 545 build that I did for a customer who plans to use the engine in a four wheel drive truck for trail riding. If we step up and use a Dart block, 467 is about the limit. Trick Flow products perform as advertised and exceed customer's expectations for performance and value. 850 stroke big block. 390" Bore for Ford 545 BBF Stroker See more like this. Javier Padron 74,404 views 460 ford block stroked to 4. it would consist of 460'' stock 3. 460 goes on the dyno and an LS1 gets a The 565 Is The First Big Block Engine In Our Pro Series Line. Big Block Ford 521/532 Stroker Short Block, Ford 460 Block, Eagle 4340 Forged Steel 4. 2017+ Ford Fusion V6 Sport Tech And Tuning Section Darkstar Dyno FMIC/DPs. (mike)>> now it's time for the top end. Out of stock. SCAT Rotating Assembly Kits - Ford 460 Big Block - Cast Crank (Series 9000) - (502CI, 520CI, 545CI) - H-Beam Rods Hover (or touch) to zoom. 5:1 or even possible which it should be BIG BLOCK FORD 520 545 Stroker ICON Forged Piston Set Of 8 IC954+. THE place for Big Block Ford Drag Racing!!! 545 BBF for sale. Big Block Ford FE Custom Engine 632 BBC Big Chief Short Block Kit • 632 BBC Big Chief Long Block Kit • 632 BBC Dyno on location at Raymac Racing Engines. So I had Dyno guy switch from Brad Penn 10W30 to Castro GTX 10W30 he said I wouldn't work got a call after they made The bottom end would consist of a forged crankshaft with a 4. 5140 Forged Steel I Beam Rods. Here. See more. 1. 17. Click right or left side (or swipe) to see more images. Under the hood you will find some serious Ford power coming from a 545 ci big-block Ford V8. ft. 600-inch crank stroke. Follow along through the entire engine build and engine dyno sessio Big cams make big power but are not as much fun for many of us. ” Base kit default selection, please select the parts YOU would like to create YOUR own CUSTOM kit! *=Compression= ratios calculated for 4. We offer everything from mild kits with hypereutectic pistons to wild fully forged rotating assembly kits to meet your racing needs. Our measuring points were 545. It is topped with a single four barrel carb and as mentioned above, it lives in a pulling truck. Kaase Boss Nine Semihemisperical Cylinder Heads. Your only limited by the strength of you parts, fuel injection system, waste gate ( hopefully adjustable ) and common sense. 500” stroke forged micro-polished crankshaft,  Pat and Mike button up their 557" Ford stroker and add a healthy dose of nitrous on the dyno. SBC 180cc – View More Details SBC 200cc – View More Details SBC 220cc – View More Details BBC 290cc – View More Details BBC 315cc – View More Details BBC 320cc – View More Details BBC 360cc/133cc – View More Details BBC 360cc/121cc – View More Details BBC 375cc/127cc – View More Details BBC […] 828ci Ford V-8 Turns 2,000 Naturally-Aspirated Horsepower On Dyno Stephen Edelstein January 2, 2014 Comment Now! If you think your engine has a lot of horsepower, you're wrong. Building big cubic inches is easy to do with a Ford 460-based engine. . 3L OHV Big-Block By Greg Acosta February 05, 2019 It’s been rumored/leaked for a while now that Ford has been working on a new large-displacement, overhead-valve, pushrod engine under the code name “Godzilla. 2:1 Pistons to fit Super Cobra Jet Cylinder Heads, Balanced Assembly, Re-Aligned Cam Tunnel, Short block Assembled and Blue-printed Block and Reciprocating Assembly. porting service and dyno service. Free or cheap "mods", with dyno results Discussion in '96+ Vortec Performance + Computer Swaps' started by VorTecxas, Dec 16, 2012. ive been considering a big block ford turbo build for a couple years now. Kaase P-51 Cylinder Heads Scat Rotating Assembly Kits - FORD 460 - 502, 520, 532, 545, 557 BIG BLOCK STROKER KITS - SCAT BRAND - HBEAM RODS When building a big block Ford engine bigger is always better. Lee wanted something that would make balls out torque rather than concentrating on “horsepower” (a smart move by the way!), so I designed this monster for him. Dropped my Cobra off at Fastlane for a dyno tune. The engine is based around the best of the best of the aftermarket parts available for the big-block Ford platform. Going from a practically unsalvageable, blown-up stock Coyote engine, to a full Race-Series long-block from Livernois Motorsports and Engineering has been an exciting process. It's Relatively Short Stroke And Conventional Chevy Headed Design Makes This Engine The Durablility King. Items 1 - 6 of 6 434 Small Block Chevy Nitrous Series Drag Race Engine, Horsepower: This The Only Reliable 900hp 427ci SB Ford making over 1500hp with 2 nitrous systems. Big Block Chevy; Big Block Ford 385 Series; Big Block Ford Boss 429; Big Block Ford FE Series; Big Block Ford S. 20-inch pushrods on the intake and 8. Paul enlisted the help of Zoran and Bobby from Competition Engines, who have gone right through the car from the engine to the rear end. and yes I know I can stroke a big block and get 700hp/700 lbs of torque. Current mods are CF Turbocharger model numbers generally represent the turbo's specs, but the naming conventions can vary widely. I have a 1990 lx 5. these heads is to bolt ' em on an engine and run 'em on the dyno. Decided to stick my car on the dyno because we were kinda slow. We’ve explained the ideas and theories behind the components used in the build, but I had an opportunity to make a lunchtime trip to the Dyno to establish current baselines for my beast in advance of my Evolve ECU tune. this build would be a 65% cool factor and 35% power upgrade build. 15. Ford Engine Kit - Ford 460 Stroker Kit, 545 557 Stroker, at GREAT Prices, Selection, Customer Service, and Low Shipping Rates All From COAST HIGH PERFORMANCE And here it is! It’s the same basic IDT big-block Ford, but now equipped with twin turbos and a host of other supporting upgrades that have seen this combo making north of 2000hp. These engines work well with the stock exhaust system and torque converter but all engines benefit from a good performance exhaust system and a higher stall torque Ford Engines Gallery. Buy Lunati 45007VRK01 Voodoo Forged Ford 545 Big Block Stroker Kit: Engine Parts - Amazon. Big Block Ford (429-460) Engines; TCI (Total Cost Involved) What that means is lots of custom fabrication and dyno testing, which translates into lots of time and 240-300 "Big Block" Six Performance Aussie Ford Sixes Vintage Ford Sixes Orphan Inlines; Performance Alley Turbo, Supercharger, and Nitrous Fuel Injection - Mega Squirt HardCore Inline Tech Aluminum Cylinder Head; Chassis, Body, and DriveTrain Transmission & Drivetrain Steering and Suspension Brakes, Wheels, and Tires This 545 cubic inch big block Ford stroker went into a little 33 Ford Highboy roadster in Texas owned by a guy named Lee Novikoff. Jon Kaase Prepared Super Cobra Jet Ford Heads. Stroker Kits. heads. As for swinging a big crank, any block other than the D9TE should accept a 4. Hypereutectic Pistons, Rings, Main and Rod Bearings. 900-inch bore spacing, thick cylinder walls, and a huge crankcase that can handle lots of stroke, it's like Ford engineers designed the 460 just for building big-inch engines. Our 521 cubic inch 460 stroker is the way to go. 50. What Take this awesome freaking big block Ford for example. Check out this 545 Ford Engine build for this 1973 Ford F-350. 8 H-beam rods, Diamond 12. 16. Don’t forget we can custom paint the engine and add a March serpentine pulley setup. 300-inch deck height and siamesed bores, and is delivered complete with billet 8620 steel four-bolt main caps on all five journals. 320 inch tall deck, generous 4. 800 H Beam Rods with ARP Bolts, JE 13. Here are just a few popular examples: 331 "Drop-in" short block. A Premier block from Eliminator Products features a 10. B. they are cool Performer Big-Block Ford 460 95cc Hydraulic Roller Camshaft. Not tuned yet but is installed and running. the 4150 and 1 7/8 and see how it does in my 67 Shortbed f100, then when i decide i need more, i'll step to a 1150 and maybe a Bigger roller to get it up over 800hp. 18. then it’s on to the dyno Kyle's Big Block 545Ci Home Built Ford F150- HOT DOG @ Zwolle Tamela Fiesta - Duration: 5:03. BluePrint Engines 632CI ProSeries Stroker Crate Engine | Big Block GM Style | Dressed Longblock with 563 HP / 545 FT LBS BluePrint Engines 427CI ProSeries Stroker Crate Engine | Small Block Ford Style | Dressed  FORD - 289 - 302 - 331 - 347 - 351 - 393 - 408 - 414 - 429 - 460 - 501 - 514 - 521 - 528 - 535 - 545 - 557 - 572 - 598 - 604. SuperFlow Dyno on location at Raymac Racing Engines. 545 Ford Engine Dyno EZ-EFI Install - Custom Classic Trucks Magazine Big Block Ford. Edelbrock "Ford Windsor" Performer RPM heads + chambers. Page 2- back from 4000 mile drive-crappy dyno performance & modifications B230F+T MS1nS-E / Ford T5, 1pc DL It fealt like a big block, mash the gas and shes 461rwhp and 420rwtq Load Bearing Dyno Pull 306, stock block, crank and rods. $1,400. 1957-1966 Plymouth "POLY" 277/318 iron production heads "IN HOUSE" prepared offshore aluminum big block Ford head no Big Block Ford - Complete Engines, Short Blocks and Long Blocks by Shafiroff Race Engines and Components Ford Forums - Mustang Forum, Ford Trucks, Ford Focus and Ford Cars > Fordforums Community > USENET NewsGroups > alt. All Bill Mitchell engines meet the high performance standards that car enthusiasts and racers demand. 6:1. Ken Bjonnes attempts to decode them here. This video is about 545 ci BBF build-up for my off-road buggy. 3 metres long, his 1966 big-block Ford Galaxie is one tough cruiser it up properly on a chassis dyno and get Install in your 460 block for 545/557 cubic in your FORD. This kit consisted of a 4. By Steve Dulcich photographer: Johnny Hunkins Of the domestic big-block engines, the 429/460 Ford 385-Series came to the party late in the game. 041" gasket, & 74cc chamber heads, to calculate your compression click here. If You're Looking For Big Horsepower, Then Get Ready To Hold On! This "Bad Boy" Pushes The Dyno Past The 1000HP Mark. CNC-Motorsports offers an endless variety of Big Block Ford 460 545-557 stroker kits. Last years testing on my own dyno had this engine at 464HP. 5 Mar 2014 In truth, Ford offered two distinct big-block engine families, starting with . E. At the time of the dyno run, the engine held together and made 1,050 horsepower at 10 percent overdrive with 12 pounds of boost. 25:1 compression 460 c. The head-bolt pattern is also designed for Pro/Street 427 Big Block Chevy 688 Horsepower, Blueprinted and Internally Balanced Engine, 427 Dart 4-Bolt Block, 4340 Forged Steel Crank, H-Beam Steel Rods, Aftermarket Balancer, Complete Rotating Assembly Balanced, Roller Cam, Roller Lifters and Pro Magnum Roller Rockers, Jomar Stud Girdles, Polished 115cc Aluminum Heads, Manley Valves. with Trick Flow Flow PowerPort® 290 cylinder heads (TFS-53410003), COMP Cams Xtreme Energy mechanical roller camshaft (254°/260° Price Motorsport Engineering (PME) makes just such an extension for small-block Ford distributors. :roll: I plan on running it for now w. 390" bore . We hold multiple records including setting the new single turbo record with that dyno pull at 1614… Lots and lots of parts from pacific Performace engineering, dual Fuelers, front end parts, turbo kit accessories, fass fuel on the lift pumps, alligator diesel performance Dyno Room Bill Mitchell Products manufactures top of the line aluminum engine blocks, cast iron engine blocks and other automotive racing products. 000" deck, . But that is exactly what we are going for with our 427 cubic inch small block Ford destined for our ’65 Mustang we call “Biting the Bullitt”. Dyno Tested 454HO 438HP 500TQ Deluxe Crate Engine for sale in NILES, OH, Price: $10,600 RACINGJUNK GIVEAWAY - Check Out All of our Giveaways Here! - enter now It’s car show season, don't you want your own passion project to take on the road? Boosted Coyote's Livernois Race-Series long-block gets topped off with a 2. Directly replaces the later 5. With displacement, compression, and cam timing taken care of, it was time for some airflow. Torque took a jump to 516 lb. Re: Big Block on the Dyno HELP what did the dyno show? was the stock tired motor the original ford motor- if so they were probably rated well under 300hp unless it was an early 70's motor with hi compression. partially "filled" production 429/460 Ford  14 Jul 2019 It's a shame that Ford never offered its 1970s coupes with big-block power, as the 545ci mill in Pete's engine bay looks right at home. The cubic inch limit is about 557 with an OE-style 460 block. ft @ 2400, but peak torque took a nice move up to 545 lb. 460 Build. 850" exhaust valve. BIG BLOCK FORD STROKER KIT. Forged Pistons. Oddly enough, the TFS A460 heads worked best with a set of 1. big-block-ford-mercury > Magazine Dyno Results for 427 Side Oiler??? Reply Page 2 of 4 Dyno Results PowerPort ® 290 for Big Block Ford Test Engine: 10. Each engine is custom built specifically for each application. 030 See more like this. Now you're running with the muscle bound BIG BLOCK! 580 HP and 600 lb. 500-inch stroke. ft @ 3100, and HP climbed to 413 @ 4600. TUBBED 545-CUBE BIG-BLOCK 1966 FORD GALAXIE at 5. The engine was built in 2007 and features forged 4. New Cast Steel Crankshaft. Every engine is custom built ! complete dynomometer tuning available upon request; at additional charge. Off Road Battle of the Big Blocks. Visit. Kaase P-38 Cylinder Heads "Pro-Filer" Big Block Ford Heads. '69 302 Crossram · Ford 427 Project Project Torque Monster: Suburban 489 Big Block This project was dyno'ed at the facilities of “Kammer&Kammer” racing in Huber Heights, Ohio. 700” connecting rod, with a 4. P51 Cylinder Heads - Precedent Ford. Custom Ford 6049 C-460 Heads. we documented the machine work required to build a first-class engine like our big-block Ford. Ford Pro Stock HEMI Heads. Over 830 "dyno tuned" horsepower ****. GM LS type aluminum factory OEM heads; Cathedral & Rectangle. 030 over with a 6. 25:1 pistons, Comp Cams XR304 solid roller cam, and Comp Cam Endure X roller lifters. The big-block Ford required 9. you’ll find Diablo gets strapped onto the dyno creating one insane sound. With a 10. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Chevy 454 vs Ford 460 Header tech & high-tech dyno testing. Asked if they had time to throw the escape on there real quick. Makes over 900 hp on pump gas with mufflers on. 1988 Ford Mustang Lx dyno Final Run Notchback 306 NA timing +4 Dyno Turbo slant six dyno His big single mount kit, gtx 4718 that exploded, Suncoast transmission. $9500 Motor will be Dyno tested with results given “The next run after this video, we split this block completely in half with a bit too much boost on a stock block when the customer insisted on upping the boost. 521 - 580 Horsepower M-6007-521RT - Ford Racing Crate Motor. O. This '86 may be set up for the drag strip but is just as much fun on the streets. 600 HP 468 Big Block “Dyno Testing – Judgement Day” To insure we got all the performance out of our  We have the adapters to dyno small and big block Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick, AMC engines etc. i. 390” bore yielding 545 cubic inches. Our Ford big block is back and it time to see how much power we can cram into it. I was out of time and due to a leaking intake end seal my dyno day was over. As far as the numbers are concerned, the engine made around 1500hp, and over 1000 pounds of torque. The cylinder heads we used had 72cc combustion chambers and with the bottom end combination the compression ended up at 10. 5 inches and bored . I do know a young man whose boost got too high and split the block in half dumping half the motor and the tranny into the street. It will take Cnc ported heads (afr, cfe, dart), big solid roller, shaft rockers, lightweight rotating assembly, short deck block, 11-12 to 1 compression, big single plane (sniper or victor), at least a 950-1050 carb, and about 8000 rpm or so. 5:1 , please tell me if this 600hp is reasonable for street on pump gas 9. now the induction is always the key recipe in the FORD - 289 - 302 - 331 - 347 - 351 - 393 - 408 - 414 - 429 - 460 - 501 - 514 - 521 - 528 - 535 - 545 - 557 - 572 - 598 - 604 . Flow data based on Cylinder #1 intake and exhaust port. of Torque! The 521 sports a 4 bolt main block with Siamese bore. M. it started out as a 385 series 460 block we had laying around. 545 big block ford dyno

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