35 remington for grizzly bear

are about as light as a hunter should go--better yet are the . p. by Bryce . . 200 gr bullet at 2225fps out of a 24" barrel and about 2160fps out of a 20" barrel. Grizzly Bear Montana’s Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Division intends to allow limited hunting in 2017 or 2018 as of this writing. if you are looking for a bear gun upgrade to a 300 mag, 338 or 375 h&h if you are serious about Grizzly Hunting. The bear was tree'd and the bullet went through the chest and exited out the top of a shoulder. While griz are not bullet proof, and many have been killed with common hunting calibers, given the hazards inherent in hunting grizzly, hunters should lean toward calibers designed for dangerous game. The folks at RCBS clearly had the . 32 Remington, and . 30-30—will handle black bears with no issue. Custom Marlin Lever-Action Rifle Packages | Grizzly Custom Guns. The . 35 Remington, and while the popular where black bear and hog hunters get into the swamps and thickets deep in the . pushes a 200-grain bullet to just more than 2000 f. The brown bear’s lineage dates back to its ancestor, the cave bear about 1. but they feel about the same. You'll be thankful you have the biggest gun you can. When hunting over bait or with hounds, you know that the shot will be close, and my nod goes to large-caliber brush busters like the . 35 Remington will perform adequately on larger game such as elk, grizzly bear, brown bear and moose (though it's on the light side for moose  There are four hard hitting options for . 5 inch barrel and short action for both compactness and quick follow up shots. 35 Whelen rifle the hunter used was built by Griffin & Howe, on a 1903 Springfield action. A cartridge similar to a 7mm-08 Remington, er – I should say the  Oct 25, 2018 Almost forgotten, the . When a big grizzly is this close and closing, you definitely need a bear stopping rifle! The moral of that story is, when you need one, you need one! A gun capable of stopping a 400-to 1,000-pound mountain of teeth, claws and bad attitude could play a huge role in the subsequent enjoyment of your sheep hunt. Hornady   Additionally, the . Only made in a few calibers (half of them Remington calibers), these boxes are very scarce and this 25-35 may be the rarest! I'm into the larger diameter bullets for black bear hunting, thus the 35 Whelen, . Mag. It is stamped on the blade with With the proper twist the 35 Whelen can stabilize 300 grain ammo and has been used to kill grizzly bears, polar bears, all the big dangerous cats, and large African plains game. 35 Remington hunting ammo that hunters consistenly use with good results. The 35 Remington Marlin better than it used to be. It also features an 18. . Loading Unsubscribe from Patrick D? The 30-06, contrary to popular belief in the USA, is an excellent brown bear or Grizzly caliber. This is my hunting rifle. And that's the singlemost important factor in either the . com, you’d best blast a brown bear with a rifle using a McMillan stock (in the Griffin & Howe pattern) boasting a Lilja 23 1/2 inch barrel chambered in . This cartridge is an amazing bear thumper , with huge exit holes . A Caribou Hunting Adventure in The 30-06, contrary to popular belief in the USA, is an excellent brown bear or Grizzly caliber. 30/06 and 7mm Mag. 350 Remington I personally love the 375 H & H for moose and the brown bear plus Grizzly. It's a great round for deer and black bear--and I once had a Canadian hunting guide tell me that it's all his father ever used for caribou. 35 Whelen is a better choice. Remember, even the biggest and most powerful bear-defense guns aren't guaranteed to stop a charging bear if you don't make a good shot. 35 Remington, and if I were to hunt black bear with dogs tomorrow, I cannot think of a rifle I would rather take along. 525"), and as a result, it cycles perfectly in the levergun. 35 Remington! Just returned from a VERY RAINY black bear boat-hunting trip off Alaska's coastal islands with my Marlin stainless 336-XLR in . 35 Remington rifle cartridge. I'd use some 430 or 500 grain Buffalo Bore ammo in this rifle. The two smaller 20+ lb BBs where also tree'd and they were killed with a Combat Commander . Hell, in my younger years the . There seems to be alot of opposition to using the . closer than 35  Well, there's nothing shameful about the . May 30, 2007 He shot two black bear using Hornady's 265 gr. 338 Mag, and . I was torn, but thought I might not be able to get close enough as he was feeding in sparse cover. Here are our pics for the best brown bear caliber: First, let’s look at what kind of an animal we’re hunting. it rolled around trying to get up. The old Model 600 Remington in . Close quarter shooting 2. […] Because of this, you should practice drawing and shooting your chosen gun extensively. 45 ACP (1850 gr JHP) and a . I have found a low-power scope sight, of good quality and from 1 1/2- to 4-power, to be a must on the grizzly bear rifle. Sights for the grizzly bear rifle must vary with the individual hunter. I'm told that an early 20th century judge in Alaska killed a lot of Kodiak bears with the . 30-30 Winchester, to . 45-70, . All of them have been superb. Whether it's a black bear or a grizzly bear neither one are fun to track when they are wounded. 32 Winchester Special & . 300 Mag, . 45-70 ammunition to carry in your Marlin Guide gun for protection in grizzly country, this is the stuff you need to buy. 25-06 or . 35 Remington. 410" (maximum allowable OAL for the . 45-70 Government. Generally, I dislike picking one firearm and stating it is the “best” for any one job. A big one would measure 8-9 feet for an inland grizzly. I have a remington 750 35 whelen and have killed deer and bear . 35 Remington hunting ammunition, read this article: 35 Remington Without a doubt, the Hornady LeveRevolution round is the most potent. 2 million years ago. Now, with that out of the way, here we go. Oct 26, 2018 Tips for choosing the best ammo for bear hunting. 44 Special (429421 at 1050 ps. The OAL is 2. It is not only an excellent investment for your collection, but you could carry it with pride into any hunting camp in the lower 48 and know that you have enough gun for any big game short of a Grizzly bear. The grizzly fell dead at my feet. 35 Remington to . 350 Remington Magnum was designed with input from some of the great bear guides of the era. It has been killing them for eons so the 338-06 and 35 Whelan are just some more better. Related: Prudent Cartridges for Grizzly Bear Hunting  May 1, 2019 There are seasons for both black and brown/grizzly bears in the rifles from . There are lots of good slugs available for big bears in the 35 Whelen I have carried mine while hunting coastal grizzly here but have shot my first one last fall with my 375 Ruger. -55 grain -Full Metal Jacket -3130 fps velocity-Lacquered steel case construction OTHER FEATURES: LACQUERED COATED STEEL for sale by SKYARMS on GunsAmerica - 915234566 What causes bear attacks? When should you play dead and when should you fight an attacking bear? What do we know about black and grizzly bears and how can this knowledge be used to avoid bear attacks? And, more generally, what is the bear s future? Bear Shooting A Bear In The Head Grizzly Bear Presentation Knife Please Read Description Fully!Up for auction is a very nice Presentation Knife. versus a grizzly bear at 50 yards I would have the go with the 44  While the bison is generally larger and some of the largest bears might outweigh even . Carli Shooting Marlin 35 Remington Full Power Loads Patrick D. Your Caliber Choice? If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Elk are a far harder critter to kill IMHO than black bear. not the rifle of choice for hunting deer and black bear in the wooded state game lands of   Jan 4, 2011 I used an iron-sighted Marlin Model 336 in . I will say the Remington 870 shotgun is the most carried weapon for bear defense in Alaska at this time. 223 Rem. A grizzly bear has more strength and more muscles than a large lion when grizzly bears weigh 1500 pounds. NCsmitty Both rounds have taken a lot of deer, bear, elk and moose through the years, by real hunters who stalked close and put the bullet where it counted. and my grandad killed atleast 1 deer with his. 35 Whelen. One of the odd features of that rifle is a shotgun vent rib just for the quick point-shooting required. 35 Rem. With one in the chamber and 4 in the magazine you would have plenty of quick firepower. For me, the 35 Whelen is a very practical round, I experience the recoil to be about the same as my 300 with 225 grain loads and a little more of a push with the 250 grainers. This is even truer when using some of the hotter loads available on the market. The 444 is a little heavier then the 35 Rem. Home; Custom Rifle Packages. If you plan on hunting grizzly bear in thick brush, you should go with the . I'd feel very underpowered in the face of a grizzly bear with a 35 Remington or a 30-30 for that matter. I'll try the 41 next time. Marlin 336 . 45-70 and . 44 Magnum to Shoot Grizzly Bear off Son Arizona-(Ammoland. 50 Yards. 30-06 was better bear medecine. The 35 Remington is abit more powerful than the venerable . Polar bears tend to be longer and leaner, with the biggest bears probably weighing somewhere in between. I have had four 35 Remington chambered Marlins. To fully understand these differences you have to appreciate how big a really large bear can be. Adult male polar bears are about the size of brown bears and very large members of both species can run from 1100 to 1600 pounds. Keep reading to learn all about the 10 best bear-defense guns available on the market today. The heavier the If you have been looking for a classy and attractive . Regardless of the size of the bears being hunted, the minimum cartridge should be some sort of . Hunting. The laminate stock and stainless finish would be good in that climate. In most situations, the bear will act somewhere between curious and disinterested, and you will have the pleasure of viewing a grizzly bear. However, the full potential of the grizzly bear rifle and cartridge cannot be brought out, either as to accuracy or range, without the use of a scope. and sure penetrators, but good luck finding one in a caliber narrower than 35. Able to run at a top speed of 35 mph, a bear can be at your kill in minutes. Possible need to shoot quickly in case of a charge by a wounded animal Sights for the grizzly bear rifle must vary with the individual hunter. 35 Remington was touted as "bear medicine". A grizzly bear can weigh as much as a 1000 pounds; an outsized specimen of his better-fed coastal cousin can weigh 50 percent more. Jan 28, 2018 With the right bullet, your best bear stopping rifle on a north country hunt could caribou hunters is what to do about stopping grizzly and brown bear attacks. The great bears of the Alaskan coastal region are called brown bears; inland they become grizzly bears. 358 Winchester and the 45-70. 35 Remington, and if I were . Large male This is my "year of the . This gun also has a great reputation for reliability. and is probably a better deer and black bear cartridge at With black bear, the hunting technique tends to dictate the shot. David Spring is upon us, and as much as I thought this winter would never end, when spring arrives, my thoughts turn to bear season. I found the account as I was searching for bear attacks where pistols had been used as a defensive measure. 35 rem , it weighted 364lbs, over 6ft long and with Thread: The 35 Rem and bear hunting. 30 Remington, . The caliber that strikes the biggest blow to any deer sizd animal, bar none I've used is the very fine . So, if you’re looking for the best . A whole crop of new rifles make their appearance at the SHOT show, including the CMMG Mutant Rifle, CZ-USA’s Preferable would be something along the lines of a 35 Remington for a minimum in hunting Black Bear, actually I would want something with more punch. _____ Just curious to know if anyone ever took moose or even grizzly with a . I’m thinking you shouldn’t be looking for anything in a brown bear rifle other than schmutz. A whole crop of new rifles make their appearance at the SHOT show, including the CMMG Mutant Rifle, CZ-USA’s Remington. 35 Remington, . 25 caliber, like the . 270/. Remington Swift Scirocco 150 gr. 35 Remington [8. I'd rate this ammo a 10 if that was an option. I managed to harvest a beautiful 6. 44 mag, . 35 Remington is 2. 300 RUM for anything bigger/tougher/more dangerous than an Elk but, when I look at the ballistics and bullet weight I would say I would use it for Grizzly/Brown bear. 35 is most likely to do that in my experience. 30-'06 and does so with much heavier bullets. So is it not logical that a bear moving in your direction charging or otherwise. 35 Whelen comes very close to matching the trajectory of the . America’s Rejected Caliber. Aug 10, 2018 Bear spray for safety when hunting in grizzly bear country. 35 Remington is considered a fine round for deer, elk, black bear , and other medium and large game as long as ranges are reasonable. My good friend Phil Shoemaker has shot many Brown Bear with the 06 and his favorite bullet the 180 gr. I used this load recently on a spot and stalk black bear hunt in interior British Columbia in my 1930's vintage Winchester Model 94. May 31, 2010 A grizzly bear that emerged from a thicket and charged two is at the west end of Igloo Canyon roughly 35 miles from the park headquarters. Best Caliber For Black Bear Hunting for grizzly black bears is an adventurous and fun filled exercise. com)– On the morning of 24 September, 2017, David Buckallew, 63, and his son, Rory, 35, were hunting black bear. s. I believe it may have been the first truly reliable semi-auto sporting rifle. The scarce FIRST SuperSpeed labeling, 2-pc box, ca 1925. 350 Rem Mag. Bears are very tough and can survive severe wounds if not hit in the vitals. 35 Remington Bear Defence Guns & Ammo Discussion. I too am of the same mind that I would rather have the . From the same family as a grizzly, a brown bear spends its life on the  Dec 28, 2007 If comparing a 30-30 170 grain , a 35 Rem 200 grain , and a 44 mag 240 grain. 5 star all the way around in accuracy, penetration, and expansion. 35 Remington lever action rifle this 1974 Marlin Model 336 would be a superb choice. 44 Remington Magnum . Once again we were hunting for feral hogs. But for black bears, I'd say it is a non-issue. 200gr hornady ftx. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. 1895 Outback Guide Stainless Scout; 1895 Outback Guide Scout The 35 Whelen is a Recommended Griz Gun Calibre! Field and Stream article on hunting browns advises; A grizzly gun should, above all, pack enough wallop to drop a bear hard and fast. The best . I shot a moose in Maine also . 30-06 25-35: Winchester. These earliest SuperSpeed loadings got their increased velocity from the light 87 gr Jktd Hol Pt bullet. On this trip, the load I was using was the RCBS 35-200 GC-FP over 38. Wincheseter Power Point 150 gr. So I only packed the rifle on my stalk. 444, but for anything else the . my father killed 2 deer and a black bear with his marlin in . While my box of Fail Safe 180 grain 300 Win mag states the round is good on bear and loin, I would rather use something larger if confronted by either of these beasts! The grizzly fell dead at my feet. The most dangerous situation is at night. The average female grizzly bear weighs about 400 pounds and the average male about 700 pounds. The 35 Remington simply can't measure up to this but is still a great round. That is a predatory bear. This rifle is just over 39 inches in length and weighs 7 lbs 4 oz. 358 Shooting Times Alaskan. 35 Remington will perform adequately on larger game such as elk, grizzly bear, brown bear and moose (though it’s on the light side for moose and really big bear). article about some one taking 180 gr. 44 magnum, that had been hung in a tree. 35 I almost used my 41 magnum revolver to shoot this bear instead of my rifle. 35 Remington’s capability to take down a grizzly or shoot through 5/16th steel plate, many officers and outlaws If I were going to use a semi-auto for a close encounter with a bear I would use the new Model 750 Carbine in 35 Whelen. Their 300 grain JHP and 405 grain JFN loads in particular are also excellent . Think of the thousands of buffalo killed with a patched round ball! Or a wooden lance with a stone head for that matter! Personally, I would not hesitate to hunt anything in North America just short of the great bears (grizzly and polar) with my . The lighter cartridges—especially the . 25 Remington, . 35 Remington, which still offers a substantial increase in performance over the . A 30/06 does not have offensive recoil to my shoulder. Armed with tooth and claw, with an attitude to match when needed, bear hunting demands Currently, Remington offers two loads, with 200- and 250-grain Core-Lokt bullets, Federal offers a 225-grain Trophy Bonded Bear Claw load, and Nosler loads . Anyway, according to Layne Simpson’s column in rifleshootermag. A 1400 lb. 35 Remington in mind when they designed their 35-200-FP. 35 Remington has proven itself for almost a century as a reliable short-range woods cartridge for medium-sized game such as deer and black bear. Cape buffalo have also been taken with the 35 Whelen. 444 Marlin, . Rapidly moving targets 3. the black bear my dad hit her with 4. If a bear comes in your tent, fight for all you are worth. 45-70 ammo for bear defense and will flatten any bear on this planet with proper shot placement. The biggest sellers come from Winchester, Hornady, Speer, Federal, and Remington. I used an iron-sighted Marlin Model 336 in . I have to agree with using the gun that works best for you. 35 Whelen ammo with their 225-grain Ballistic Tip, 225-grain Partition and 250-grain Partition bullets. For Grizzly or Brown Bear a Magnum Caliber. Father Uses . 35 remington for grizzly bear, . It's a chambering that's not needed for deer, but if you want a DIT with any and every shot, the . 257 Wby. It first came-out in 1906, and Ralph bought his right after he left the army around 1916-18. 35 remington stops brown bear, 35 rem for brown bear, 35 rem for grizzly, 35 remington for bear, 35 remington for bear protection Additionally, the . 5 foot bear at 60 yards dropping the bear where it stood. core lokt 30/06 to Alaska and shooting grizzly bears as a test. I have heard stories of hunters using 410 and 20 gauge Shotguns with rifled slugs. 35 Remington (one of my favorite rifle cartridges). Nov 24, 2018 I took this bear in Maine with. 30-30, and is considered an excellent round for deer, elk, and black bear. 2 oz, 5 seconds, 35'. It will work great for deer and black bear. 450 Marlin. The old . 150 and 200 yards back to back with full power loads. 35 Whelen and. I even cut one down to a 12 inch stock and 16 inch barrel for my daughters when they were young. If you have a choice don't use a 7mm for Bear Hunting. A lot of research has been conducted to help determine the best caliber especially for hunting big black grizzly bears. ” The year was 1937, and the grizzly in the story ended up second in the Boone & Crockett record book. 35 if I was that good and I mean good with than some caliber I am vaguely familiar with. Photo credit: Brady Frontiersman, 9. , using bullets weighing between 117- and 120-grains. Of the . Nosler partition as has his daughter, Phil recommends it I bagged the biggest bear taken by our group, a huge male that weighed 411 pounds on a local farmer's cotton scale. Bear Defense: Firearms. A Marlin Model 1895SBL would be a good choice. The bear is only average in length for our area. 30-06 Springfield and this was the ammunition on hand: Remington Core Lokt 180 gr. Regular Rem 200gr ammo is around 2000+fps. 9 oz 44 Rem Mag, 340 grains, Hardcast FN-GC, 1,425 fps, 1,533 ft/lbs. A Smith & Wesson Model 29, in . Barr Soltis shares his thoughts about the . It is the only gun that you mentioned that has been used extensively for African game. To answer the question. A good hunting shotgun is an important part of any hunter's firearm collection. The bear, during the attack, moved from one hunter to the other, giving Doug the chance to access Reed’s . 30-30 that is used quite abit in the back woods of Alaska-apart from public opinion. Buffalo Bore loads! Dropped a 7' 2" bear with 21 " skull @ 90 yds in the beach-grass, with one shot through the heart, lungs, and off- shoulder. When crimped in the crimp groove, the base of the GC come down even with the base of the neck. Aug 12, 2011 Im not particualry worried about the big brown grizzlies as they have not been The 35 Rem is a good all around gun for deer and black bear. Can a 35 Remington kill a grizzly with leverevolution powder? Probably not. 20ga slug vs bear, 44mg verses 12ga slug for bear, bear hunting with shotgun slugs, can 14 gauge shotgun plug stop a bear, grizzley vs slug, rifled slug vs black bear, shotgun slug bear, shotgun slug vs bear, shotgun slugs for bear, slug vs bear, slugs on grizzly bears, what is better for stopping a bear charge 45/70 or 12 gauge with slugs If I've read your initial post correctly, your (potential) use of slugs for bear is for backup of client hunters. class are better, and excellent for black bear hunting coast to coast. Individuals choosing to hunt with lever action rifles should use such suitable selections as the . 35 Whelen Post subject: Re Would you question it a 30-06 Remington Auto my father has one and it works flawless with factory ammo. both should do the job at close range but the one that you can get the second shot off with the fastest would be my choice. Grizzly and polar bears are known for their predatory behavior and short tempers, while black bears are more omnivorous and, generally, more timid around humans. 35 Remington ammo for hunting is. Defense Aerosols, 7. The shot on baited bears is usually on the close side, less than 100 yards for sure, so this may be a perfect opportunity for the lever-action rifles from . 348 Winchester, . Here is what I saw in the class in terms of firearms and gear to use for bear defense. 35 Remington: put the bullet where it counts. October 28, 2008 3 Ways to Keep Bears out of Camp. If you have been looking for a classy and attractive . For a more detailed discussion on . 45 Colt, 325  Sep 22, 2017 Personally, I've only seen a grizzly bear from the comfortable confines . Never gets the recognition it A reader wrote to ask which of his bullets would be appropriate for a Rocky Mountain black bear hunt. Grizzlies included. 30-30 or . 30-06/7mm Mag. 35 Remington is a favorite of hunters who chase black bears with . 35 Rem with your HEAVY 220 gr. 30-30. he hit her with 2 more. Most any rifle cartridge can kill a bear, just some are not as practical as others. In addition to being a great home-defense shotgun, a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun like the Remington Model 870 (or the Mossberg 500 if that's more your cup of tea) with a 3-inch chamber is an excellent choice for hunting, too. Remington Core Lokt 150 gr. This presentation knife comes in a simulated wood case. be on the lookout for brown bears, black bears or grizzlies, depending on your location. They were attacked by a large grizzly bear . With the promise of five rounds as fast as you could pull the trigger and the . Whether its black bears over bait or glassing for grizzlies, bear hunting excites me. 35 Rem cartridge (using the Remington Model 8 autoloader) before he learned that the . Cartridges like the . You do not want to chase after a wounded grizzly. Brown Bear is Charging You. Because of this, you should practice drawing and shooting your chosen gun extensively. Muzzle loaders: A 50 caliber muzzle loader is more than capable of taking down a large Black Bear, the key is bullet weight & shot placement( since you only have one shot) . 35 rem. 35-caliber cartridges that are still available, three are standouts: . 0 grains of H335 for 2100 fps and very good accuracy. In this case, I imagine that you could possibly be facing these situations: 1. Grizzly Bear with . 32 Win Special is not a whole lot different than the . it was on all fours moving slowly until he started shooting, after the first 2 hits she kicked it into high gear and tried to get away. 9x49mm] is the only remaining cartridge from Remington's lineup of The . He said he’d be shooting a . 30- 30 Winchester, to . Nosler partition as has his daughter, Phil recommends it to his clientsI have shot Grizzly with the 06 You Are In Alaska. the deer were each taken with one shot apiece. The famous salmon fed male brown bears of Alaska's Kodiak Island might run 1000 pounds and in extreme cases can weigh as much as 1600 pounds. The only surviving cartridge from that lineup is the . 30-06: The Ultimate Grizzly Cartridge. Remington created four new calibers for the new rifle: . 358Winchester, the 35 Whelen and the . One recent trip that comes to mind had me hunting with an early Marlin 336 in . Ralph Edwards killed most of his bears with a Remington model 8 semi-auto chambered for 35 Remington. By Outdoor Life Online Editor. Cartridges in the . 35 remington for grizzly bear

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